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Perforated bands and steel straps


Posirol is the European manufacturer, and working with us is easy. ”You won’t get a headache with Posirol”, as many of our customers say. We ask, listen and learn.

As we have developed our concept, we have had numerous discussions with HPAC installers, electricians, designers, wholesalers, traders and logistics professionals. Every stone has been turned to ensure that the service and product features, together with the unique packaging, meet customer expectations.

We understand the entire chain, from raw material to the installation of the product. Our level of delivery security is very high, and the service is always tailored to suit each customer’s wishes and needs. We are flexible and adaptable. Who else would understand your needs better?


Our products are manufactured in Finland, on the most modern production lines in the world. Perforated bands & steel straps are at the core of our production, and we are developing it continuously. We also use automation in quality control in a way that others do not. For these reasons, we have been given the title of “the European manufacturer”, and we always want to act according to this title.

We offer you CE-marked products. Eurofins Expert Services Oy is responsible for the certification of the internal quality control of Posirol Oy. Eurofins Expert Services Oy is a member of  EOTA (European Organisation for Technical Approvals), and it is also an assessment body approved by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment.

Cable trays

We manufacture steel cable trays with electrogalvanized coating, and also cable trays made from aluminum and stainless steel (EN 1.4404).

Contract manufacturing and product development

Do you want us to manufacture a component or a whole system for you?

Can we be a part of your product development?

We use steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, plastic, rubber and chemical products in our production.

Posirol manufactures special products, tailored according to our customers’ needs, and our staff has decades of experience in manufacturing customer-specific products.